Melanin Moments Healing Children Having Incarcerated Parents

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In time for the 2017 holiday season, Melanin Moments LLC and its inspiring line of Melanin-defecient Santa products are supporting Children Having Incarcerated Parents through the (CHIP) challenge; a fundraising campaign for to help reconnect children with their incarcerated parents. The campaign aim to provide free transportation services to long distance correctional facilities.


For 16 plus years, In Arms Reach located at the City College University of New York is dedicated to providing high quality mentoring by some of the smartest college students the city has to offer, state-of-the-art academic tutoring, intensive college prep and other support services to break the cycle of inter-generational inequality for low-income children impacted by the justice system. We aim to increase engagement, awaken interest and self-confidence in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (hereinafter referred to as “STEM”) subjects.


With nearly three million prisoners in the United States, over the last 30 years, the U.S. prison population has increased by 500%. When someone goes to prison, their family members become invisible victims. While each family’s experience is unique, there are some common themes such as the struggle for economic survival and maintaining ties between prisoners and their families.


The quest can be difficult. Visiting conditions are usually stressful because prisons are typically located in remote areas, not served by public transportation. Ties outside of blood or marriage may not be recognized by the system, so it can be hard for a child to secure reliable help to transport them to the facility, etc.



For the holiday, your purchase of Melanin Santa products on our shop page supports the CHIP challenge visitation program.  No charity donations will be accepted through this web site only Santa products purchases.  Through we are offering three levels of holiday donations for the CHIP Challenge.  1.) a $10 donation, 2.) a $50 donation and 3.) a $100 donation made through   We appreciate your support and value your giving greatness.  Any charity pledges are tax-deductible contribrutions and can only be made through the charity site.  Please help join nationwide forces with us as we strive to uplift, empower, promote positivity and reconnect children with their incarcerated parents.


10% of proceed from Melanin Moments Santa products will be donated to In Arms Reach and the CHIP challenge in support of academic enrichment and higher education STEM programs for children and young adults.


To learn more about In Arms Reach, visit  website